once upon a time, there was a boy

comic book wisdom #05

the dreamier the better.


lyrical saturday #08


sometimes it snows in april – prince

parade, 1986

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same/but/different # 02

cindy und bert – der hund von baskerville (1969)
(which translates: “the hound of baskerville”), german lyrics by norbert “bert” berger


lyrical saturday #07


smithers-jones – the jam

setting sons, 1979

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they said it #15

Penelope_in_a_situation_by_TR_Rich_Teh_Devil.png“I’ll protect you from the hooded claw.
keep the vampires from your door”

the power of love – fgth, 19.11. 1984

for the records #06


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same/but/different # 01

computers – ragazzo solo, ragazza sola (1969)
(which translates: “lonely boy, lonely girl”), italian lyrics by mogol.


more/than/words #01


(via remainsimple


they said it #14

“I met god, she’s black”

RooftopsNYC, 2013

for the records #04


found on flickr

Calvary Records/5138, 1977. designer unknown.

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